‘Public policy that is honest and fair to all concerned’

Dear Editor:
While the opposition research presented in the letter-to-the-editor titled “County Commissioner Comments on Parks Millage” advances several half-truths, there is one statement that is rather glaring. The notion that I blocked an economic development opportunity regarding an abandoned railbed is false.
Out of office at the time, I neither blocked, nor initiated the issue mentioned, nor purchased abandoned railbed property. I did, however, publicly speak up in support of private-property owners adjacent to the abandoned railbed who desired to purchase the railbeds alongside their property. Some of the railbed property was originally owned by previous generations of these families who simply wanted to reclaim their land. They deserved the first right of refusal.
And incidentally, by allowing private property possession, the property then remains on the tax rolls, generating property tax dollars — an economic development generator! And as for my personal interest in this issue, it was and will remain my personal interest as a citizen and taxpayer to advance good public policy that is honest and fair to all concerned, whether that has to do with abandoned railbeds or the deliberations of the county commission on which I faithfully served for ten years.
Cameron S. Brown
Sturgis, Michigan

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