County Budget Time

To the editor:
I was glad to see in the newspaper the new County Parks Barn by
the Covered Bridge is finished so the public can rent it for their
private use, after hearing the figure of how much it will cost to rent
it, $2,900 for residents or $5,800 for non-residents. If the county has
enough people able to rent it out for at least 15 times starting from
the first of May to the first of October at an average cost of $3,700,
the Parks department should have an increase in their budget of over
$55,500. Should not some of the profit go back into roads or 911
instead of asking the public to vote more millage money? I would like
to know how much rent money is coming in for the new Senior
Center in Sturgis. Right now any new millage money our County
Commissioners ask for should be turned down with these kinds of
profits from investments. I think all county profits from investments
should be shared by all county residents like reducing operational
millage taxes on real estate. After all that’s where the money was
generated from (tax delinquency fund). Remember the end of the
year is when the commissioners can increase their pay.

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