Letter of resignation

To the editor:
I have been a member of the Community Mental Health Board of St. Joseph County for more than 10 years and have felt honored to serve in that capacity. The County Commissioners appoint members to the Board every April when four of the 12 members three-year terms expire. If the Board member wants to continue to serve they have traditionally been reappointed, thus retaining members who have in-depth knowledge of what is required.
This letter is to express my concern about how the Commissioners have altered their appointment process. They have not reappointed members, they have not given the Board the opportunity to interview possible new appointees, they have appointed four individuals connected to the same entity, (an entity that constitutes a conflict of interest), they have appointed an individual that was party to a legal suit against the Board, they reappointed a past member of the Board who during his previous term showed zero interest, they have failed to reappoint members whose presence on the Board was necessary for the Board being in compliance to receive Medicaid payments for services rendered.
These changes have dangerously compromised the agency. As a result of these changes, I no longer feel honored to serve but instead feel anxiety, disgust, sorrow and embarrassment. After 10 years I have resigned my position. We will wait and see whom they appoint to finish my term.
I call on all the people of St. Joseph County to closely watch the decision of your Commissioners. Are they really serving us, or are they making decisions to satisfy their own individual agendas?
Rebecca A. Black
Three Rivers

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