Life goes on

To the editor:
I had my right knee surgery done Feb. 21 in Naples, Fla. After the three-day hospital stay, I went to Arlington Circle Rehab, which too is in Naples. I was there 10 days. This place is like Hollywood. While in Rehab I saw people that had a lot more issues than I. I wondered what their story was. Often pain was etched on their faces. (They say no pain no gain.) I too showed discomfort while stretching the poor hurtful knee this way and that way, and wondering if this all is going to work. I seen the importance of pain meds sending you to “loony land” so you don’t totally feel the pain. Also, I found out the importance of ice, not only used in your favorite drink.
I can now walk without limping and getting back to normal takes time. I think about throwing the cane into the next river I pass. I can now ride my Harley (a three-wheel bike), and have not exceeded the 10 mile an hour speed limit yet.
So very glad to be here in Naples with the 80-90 degree temperature. The muscles tend to relax instead of constrict from the cold.
Let’s focus on nursing care. I would say it was so-so. I personally prefer the smaller hospital.
Partial to Sturgis, perhaps its because my foot prints are still etched in the hallways, and I see familiar faces that I have worked with.
I appreciate all the support from family and friends. I look to do the marathon next.
Juanita Oldfield-Heed
Naples, Fla. and White Pigeon

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