Looking for an intelligent, valid answer

To the editor:
I would like an intelligent and valid answer — not a blow-off response.
I would like to know why the City of Three Rivers seems to be hell bent on the location of the supposed sports complex? With all the legal fees I would imagine a sports complex could have been developed and being used by our kids by now, at a different location.
When is the city going to get it through their thick skulls that Lockport Township residents do not want the sports complex in their backyards. Lockport Township has supported those people’s view points and fought legally in court. The people directly involved say no.
I really would like a truthful answer. I don’t want to hear that  this is the “only” property it can be built on — really, we all logically know there are many locations this could be built on.
Respect the people who are directly involved in the decision when they have said “no” several times.
I’m sick of the crap going on. I’m over it. Life is too short for a constant battle from the City of Three Rivers.
Kelli Atkinson
Lockport Township resident

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