The mantle of truth

To the editor:
There are unexpected moments in a person’s life, and I had such a moment when I attended a dinner party where Father Theodore Hesburgh entered the room! We chatted, and when he discovered I was a Spanish teacher he started telling me in Spanish about all of his travels and missions to Spanish speaking countries. His love for language was apparent. Despite being 90 years of age and nearly blind, to me he was still the engaging, powerful charismatic leader of the 60s. What I remember the most about that evening, my forever takeaway moment, was when he told me how he worried that young people had forgotten the turmoil and the efforts of the civil rights movement. I saw he was struggling with that. I took his hand and assured him that they had not forgotten, nor abandoned those tenants of their faith!
This past weekend on the campus of Notre Dame, Ind., his children took up the mantle of truth and demonstrated the courage of their faith and conviction, by walking out on the graduation speech of Vice President Mike Pence. In doing so, they were scourged and maligned in media as crybabies, snowflakes, and ingrates. In heaven, Father Hesburgh smiled, winked at God, and mouthed the words, “Go Irish!”
Jill Meuninck

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