Not the best location for a library

To the editor:
In considering the Southern Michigan Bank & Trust building as the new location for the Three Rivers Public Library, has the board thought about if there is a fire alarm and there are disabled people on the second floor? How do you get them down?
You are not supposed to use the elevator, will library personnel be assigned to go upstairs and assist them down or stay with them until the fire department arrives?
Has anyone looked into the cost to keep all of the windows clean, and who pays, the city or library? With all of the windows, what will the cost be to heat and cool the building, compared to the present location?
Trustee Joye Briggs is concerned about people crossing Pealer Street, and you also have an alley behind the post office that is very busy at times. You will have older people using the library that are not very fast walkers but do not qualify for handicap parking. At the present location you have more than enough parking, and it is much safer for people to use for both older individuals and young mothers.
88 N. Main St. is not the best location.
Oren Shoemaker
Three Rivers

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