Road Commission Board should not be run like a union

To the editor:
After attending a St. Joseph County Road Commission meeting open to the public on March 22, 2017, I was not happy with the attitude of the County Road Commissioners. What’s sad was one of the Road Commissioners was more concerned about the April Fools joke he was working on for the Road Commission’s Facebook page this year instead of the concerns of the public. Over the years these so called pranks have been in very bad taste causing 911 to be flooded with unnecessary calls. It’s even sadder when Supervisor Evilsizor handed the commissioners a copy of the rule the State MDOT follows to build new roads. The commissioners’ main thought and answer was they had to check with their state organization (attorney) before they could respond. Why were they sworn in using the oath of office? You know it’s pretty sad when a well traveled road like Constantine Road, with one man losing his life traveling on it, is being deprived of maintenance in order to get townships to pay for repairs. Maybe this private group of state leaders should check the state constitution before they advise the commissioners to be sure taxpayers’ rights are not being abused. Right now it looks to me like the April Fools joke is on the taxpayers that voted, thinking things were going to change by the person they voted for.
Tim A. Carls

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