Sick of government

To the editor:
I think the time has come that all politicians, on every level, should
have to go back to government class. The one we had to take to
I recall when you were elected by “we the people,” you swore to
serve the people. I was taught it was a system to make it better for
everyone. Not a ball game — Ha, Ha, I won.
Our state can’t even come up with a car insurance deal because we
have a big city on the east side. What do the other 49 states do? They
all have a big city. Wouldn’t that benefit all?
Our county is in charge of all the peoples’ money, yet they give
hundreds of thousands of dollars away. Don’t ask them who has it, or
where it is. Won’t answer!
Escrow is money put aside until you complete your plan in a
certain time frame or you don’t get it. Look it up. You don’t have to
go to law school. How much now are the lawyer bills? Won’t answer!
A roof leaking on a copy machine turns into a million-dollar office
building and a million-plus barn to keep trucks warm. No money for
The employee’s farm bought up by the people is now a new
million-dollar office, wedding, catering business called a park. We
pay to use it. Not cheap!
Once elected, you’re happy to serve people. Don’t have to answer
to anyone. You just close the door; “I’ll get back to you on that.” The
law is the law, I thought!
You have let Mr. Evilsizor spend hours doing your jobs, that you
had the answer all along, just choose not to address it.
Do you get it? Why we’re sick of government?
Stop what was, but what is.

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