Letters to the Editor

To the editor: For decades the Republican Party courted people who cared nothing about civility and decency in this country. The Republican National Committee pandered to mouthy flame-throwers like Rush Limbaugh who destroyed all sense of decorum that once served as a guide for respectable...
To the editor: Fred Upton has been in office for 30 years. If you feel that Washington is broken then Fred Upton is a large part of the problem. One of the wealthiest members of Congress, Fred Upton has done little for the average worker here in southwest Michigan supporting outsourcing jobs to...
To the editor: I wanted to give the community an update on the progress of the Field of Dreams Project. Currently Judge Middleton and the 45th Circuit Court has found in favor of the City of Three Rivers and their right to build youth fields at the North Main location. In the State of Michigan...
To the editor: The election season is ramping up and races for president and local officials are in the news daily. We hear about our national campaigns more often but locally we have a better chance to know and trust whom we are voting for. The County Commission District 3 race is a good example....


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