2019 Independence Games at the “Pit”: As Close to a Perfect Day as it Gets

“I’m tired. I’m glad it’s over. I loved it,” Kerry McClain said while recovering after her remarkable effort competing in the sixth annual Independence Games, a challenging all-day event Saturday hosted by Triple River CrossFit at the Pit Fitness Ranch in Three Rivers.
She succinctly summarized a feeling echoed by many of the other 100 contestants comprising 50 teams who completed the often grueling test of strength, endurance and willpower throughout a sunny, warm day that began early with a bike, run and paddle-board swim triathlon, and ended with a 16-minute burst of multiple CrossFit exercises.
In between were events designed to pump up heart rates, open all of the body’s two million sweat glands, and push muscles to the max—including running up and down a 200-meter-plus hill called Leave No Doubt mountain carrying a heavy sandbag.
Just to finish the contest was a feat in itself, but McClain and her event partner, Scott Outman, had reason to be especially pleased as they took top honors in the masters division in what proved to be a close fight to the finish with virtually all eight division teams neck and neck, each one with the opportunity to emerge victorious down to the last rep.
“We knew we were up against incredibly tough competitors,” said McClain, who has competed with Outman in other events. “We had to bring our A game—and did.” At 49 years old, the full-time personal trainer at HealthTrac displayed her astonishing speed, power and skill performing a range of movements, doing a good job of hiding her fatigue all the way until time was called for the last event late afternoon. Outman, 47, did the same, achieving a personal best of 225 pounds in the clean exercise. 

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