Active. Committed to fitness. Empowered.

Meet today’s Women on the Go.

Women on the Go is an ongoing series by writer and journalist William Allen Baltz about local-area women who have made health and fitness a top priority in their busy lives. The series kicks off with the introduction below. Profiles of individual women and informational sidebars will typically appear on Saturdays. Question and Answer features with experts on related topics such as nutrition for women, strength training and preventing injuries will run periodically during the week.
This series is dedicated to women everywhere committed to fitness, who strive on through ups and downs with love in their hearts, and in doing so make our world an ever more beautiful place.
According to Isaac Newton’s first law of physics, a body at rest tends to stay at rest, and a body in motion tends to stay in motion.
This multipart series is about bodies in motion—local women to be precise, who have discovered the benefits, joys and challenges of proving Mr. Newton correct.
For many women in these hectic times staying fit and healthy while balancing family, relationships, personal interests and careers can be challenging to say the least.
The women featured in this series are managing to make fitness a top priority in order to live full, active, and healthy lives on the job, in the home, and everywhere else.

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