COA Advisory Board approves updated non-resident policy

THREE RIVERS — The St. Joseph County Commission on Aging Advisory Board approved an updated non-resident policy Wednesday, “to ensure resources intended for St. Joseph County Residents are used for their benefit.”
A non-resident, which is any person who doesn’t reside or pay property tax in St. Joseph County, may participate in any activity program the COA offers, including special events, “when they attend as a guest of a COA member who resides in the county” but they’re required to “pay for any fees associated with an activity, class or program.”
Executive Director Tim Stoll said the COA’s ability to restrict access to non-residents is limited due to state and federal grant money associated with most of COA’s programs.
“My sense last time was that I think the board felt like in order to protect millage dollars that come from county residents, there should be some kind of policy in place,” Stoll said.
“So that’s what we kind of attempted to put together here. We’re somewhat limited in the access that we can restrict to some of our programs because we accept grant money for those. If we accept state and federal grant money for any program then we have to allow anybody, regardless if they’re a county resident or not, to participate in those programs.”
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