Elvis tribute artist returns to the Riviera Theatre

THREE RIVERS — Tribute artist Patrick Johnson returns to the Riviera Theatre on Saturday, Jan. 27 to honor the king, Elvis Presley.
Johnson said Elvis inspired him growing up. He called him a “comic book hero,” since he introduced him to the innocence of music with songs that contain good rhythm with relatable and easy-to-understand lyrics.
“Growing up, he was like your comic book hero. The cool guy in the movies, always the hero, a karate guy, he got the girl with the fast cars and the boats. It was just an innocent thing about him I guess,” he said.
“Then people started to say, ‘you sound like him.’ There is this innocence about the Elvis mystic with lyrics that you can actually understand. It is good rhythm and I just really enjoy doing it.”
Johnson said although he dresses and looks the part, he is “Patrick Johnson on stage.” His show aims to keep Elvis’ music alive by playing all of the hit songs and getting people dancing.
“I am Patrick Johnson on stage. I don’t walk around with the curled lip and say ‘thank you, thank you very much.’ I am at ease on stage. You get the whole package as far as… I have some sort of good looks, my weight is pretty good and easy on the eyes, and I have a really good voice. With those three categories, you can pull it off. You can still play tribute to somebody and I just want to keep his music alive,” Johnson said.

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