Fabius TWP Board approves property transfer

FABIUS TOWNSHIP — The Fabius Township Board approved a conditional transfer of property from the township of Fabius to the city of Three Rivers on Wednesday, July 12.
The property transfer dates back to an issue from a previous agreement made between the township and the city in 1998, referred to as Michigan Public Act 425.
When the act was written, a multitude of buildings and plazas were not built. The township was still underdeveloped and Supervisor John Kroggel said he thinks that is why it is raising concerns now.
The parking lot of NAPA Auto Parts on Broadway Street was a parcel missing from the previous agreement.
“Nobody in the official capacity now was around when this 425 was written back in 1998. It appears to be on our wish list. Essentially everything from Millard down to Broadway was part of this 425, and a few extra parcels, like the KFC and things like that. It was a big swap for property on the east side of 131 and this piece of property got left out,” Kroggel said.
The ProMed building on Broadway Street is considered property of the city and was in the agreement made in 1998, but Kroggel said back then, the ProMed building wrapped around where the NAPA parking lot is today, which may have caused confusion.
Nevertheless, he said the property transfer is long overdue and is going to “clean up some old, unknown mistake on somebody’s part.”
“The original 425 agreement had two sets of properties and in reviewing them, the best that I can figure is (some) properties had frontage on 131 and (some) didn’t,” Kroggel said. “The parcels that had frontage on 131 would be in a 20-year agreement with payment back to the township and the parcels that did not have frontage on 131 will be in a 10-year agreement. This parcel does not have frontage on 131. This parcel is the NAPA property.”
Kroggel said previously the city has been collecting service fees but never taxes from the NAPA building. He said the transfer agreement is “essentially a win for everybody but NAPA.”
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