To God, from Emma

Nine-year-old TR girl sends letters to God

THREE RIVERS — For over a month, nine-year-old Emma Crist of Three Rivers mailed letters to God, with hopes of a response.
“For her, I think it really has to do with her spiritual beliefs. She has such a strong faith. She has a stronger faith than most of the people I know. Here she is writing letters and anticipating a letter back from God,” Crist’s mother Kaley Ruth said.
She said her daughter has always been passionate about God.
“She prays every night, she always has,” Ruth said.
Over a month ago after watching the movie “Letters to God,” Crist wrote her own letter addressed to God.
“She said that she wished that she could find a cure for every kid with cancer because she was so sad about that movie. She was really heartbroken over it,” Ruth said.
Ruth said normally Crist’s letters are “between her and God,” which means the letters are “off-limits” to her mother, but the letters Ruth was allowed to read were in the form of prayers.
“One letter was (a thank you letter), but the other two letters were asking (for something). She asked in one letter to have a good birthday, and the other for her tummy aches to go away and for her grandma’s belly aches to go away. They were sick with the flu and she wanted their belly aches to go away,” Ruth said.
On Friday, Sept. 1, in celebration of Crist’s ninth birthday, Ruth said Crist received over 60 letters and gifts from local churches, and from those interested in her story as well as her strong faith.
Ruth said God has never written back to Crist, but “angels” and people from local churches have, with one such letter coming from a close family friend by the name of Mary, who passed away.
Ruth said her children were very close with Mary and even called her grandma. Crist received a letter that said “Mary” on the envelope, and while Ruth is still unsure about who sent the letter, she said Crist believed the letter came from heaven, because the bottom of the letter read “from God’s angel.”
“They were really close with (Mary). She got a letter and it didn’t have an address or a last name, all it said was Mary on it. She really thought that it came from Heaven and from Mary,” Ruth said.
Ruth said she couldn’t be more grateful for the attention her daughter has been receiving from the community, especially from those at the Three Rivers’ post office.
Sales and service associate Cindy Beachey said the post office receives letters addressed to Santa during the holiday season every year, but in her 25 years at the post office she said she had never seen a letter to God before Crist’s. She called it a “personal blessing” and felt like it was her duty to give back and support Crist’s faith.
Beachey reached out to an associate at YMCA Camp Eberhart in Three Rivers, and surprised Crist with a free weeklong camping trip through the camp’s scholarship program.

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