Haigh wins reelection bid

Griffith, McNary win after running unopposed

THREE RIVERS — Incumbent Alison Haigh defeated challenger and write-in candidate Diane Haley-Clay for Three Rivers second district city commissioner on Tuesday, Nov. 6.
Haigh, who has sat on the city commission and served as mayor pro tem since 2012, thanked Clay and the voters following her victory on Tuesday.
“I want to tell Diane thank you for taking the initiative to put her name out there and go through the write-in part of it because it is a big step on her part, to go out there and do everything that she did to try to get elected,” Haigh said.
“I also want to thank all the voters of the City of Three Rivers for having faith in me, to reelect me. It’s big that they have faith in me, and is a positive (indicator) that I’m doing something right.
“I also want to take time to thank all the city staff. Melissa (Bliss) and all the election workers for their hard work today. When I was there it seemed like it was a mass turnout and I was told they were busy all day long. It’s stressful and I want to thank them for the good job they did today.”
At press time, out of 2,174 ballots cast, Haigh received 1,473 votes for second district city commissioner. While it’s unclear how many votes Clay received, 142 unresolved write-in votes for second district city commissioner were cast.
Commissioners Carolyn McNary and Daryl Griffith won their respective reelection bids Tuesday after running unopposed. Out of 2,174 ballots cast, McNary received 1,574 for fourth district city commissioner, while Griffith received 1,498 votes for at-large city commissioner.
City Clerk Melissa Bliss reported that when polls opened at 7 a.m. at Riverside Church on Tuesday, wait times lasted approximately 20-25 minutes on average. Bliss said in addition to a higher than average voter turnout, the city saw an increase in absentee ballots cast this year.
Fabius Township Clerk Carol Wilkins said a line formed at the Fabius Township Hall at about 6:15 a.m., well before polls opened at 7 a.m. Fabius voters also saw wait times of nearly 20 minutes, with nearly 100 votes cast in the first hour.
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