COMMERCIAL-NEWS | ROBERT TOMLINSON - (From left to right) Three Rivers Public Library Board of Trustees members Lydia Sherwood and Sarah VanOss, and Board Vice President Mike Fleckenstein listen to the details of a change order for the library’s renovation project at 88 N. Main St. in Three Rivers during their meeting Tuesday.

Library approves sixth change order for renovation project

Published Jan. 30, 2020


THREE RIVERS — The Three Rivers Public Library Board of Trustees approved a change order for multiple items related to the renovation project at its future location at 88 N. Main St. in downtown Three Rivers during their meeting Tuesday.

Items that were part of the change order include $1,998 for removing and relocating an existing plumbing stack in the building’s teen space, $12,535 for stairwell fire rating, $1,571 due to an asphalt price change, and an elevator shaft extension which would be covered by Brussee/Brady. During the meeting, Schoon gave her thanks to Brussee/Brady for their generosity on covering that cost.

In addition, there was a price deduction of $10,605 to keep the existing aluminum storefront entry doors and add glass to the bottom panels of each door and a mechanism for automatic opening.

TRPL Interim Director Bobbi Schoon said getting the costs for the plumbing stack and fire rating were expected, they were just waiting for the costs to come in. Schoon said, in terms of the asphalt pricing, they had to wait for the piping to be run near the parking lot, and “the second” that part of the project got done, it started snowing.

“They just didn’t have a chance to get to the parking lot ahead of time, so this figure is based on the numbers from the asphalt company, saying this is what they’re looking at this spring for the numbers to be,” Schoon said.

In addition, Schoon, in her director’s report to the board later in the meeting, discussed the questions she asked Brussee/Brady about updates on several items and explanations on items in the change order. One of the questions involved whether or not there are any outstanding change orders coming down the pipe, to which Brussee/Brady replied, saying there are “a few more questions” they had regarding the elevator, which have been sent to Arkos Design, the architect for the project, and “may result in unforeseen extra costs.”

Board Vice President Mike Fleckenstein asked Schoon if the price for the asphalt was a guaranteed rate, and Schoon said it was.

“I asked if we said yes to this, does that mean we won’t see anything else, and he assured me that this is the price they worked out with the asphalt companies, and if something changed, that would be for him to negotiate and wouldn’t come back to us,” Schoon said. City of Three Rivers Finance Director Cathy Lawson added the money for the asphalt wouldn’t be paid until the work is done.

The big question Fleckenstein asked is where the money for the change order, which would total $16,104, would come from. Schoon said most of it would be paid for with the $10,605 savings they will get on the entry doors, and, after some maneuvering with Lawson, postponing the use of $13,000 for an additional self-check kiosk at the new library, which hasn’t been spent yet.

“Really, to me, that’s the best option,” Schoon said. “It’s more important to get this covered, and if that means we have to dip into that and push back the kiosk, that’s what we’ll do.”

The approval of the change order was unanimous.

In other business…

  • Schoon discussed the progress on the library’s fundraising. She said one of the big donations that has come in has been from Walther Farms, who have donated $5,000 toward the library’s new location. In addition, Schoon talked to Three Rivers Community Schools Superintendent Ron Moag about the library being a beneficiary of the school district’s “Jeans Day” initiative, where school staff pay $5 a week to wear jeans on a “non-payday” Friday, with the money collected donated toward the library’s building project.
  • Schoon talked about her last site plan visit to the new building recently, and said the library staff will meet her at the site on Feb. 6 to take a look at the progress of the building.

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