Lockport Township request denied

SJC judge rules to not remand SBC’s decision

CENTREVILLE — St. Joseph County District Court Judge Jeffrey Middleton ruled Friday, Jan. 12 in St. Joseph County Circuit Court to not remand the Michigan State Boundary Commission’s (SBC) decision to allow the City of Three Rivers to annex an 80-acre parcel in Lockport Township into the city.
“No matter what I think is politically correct or financially feasible or the right thing to do, the (City of Three Rivers) has a legal right, they were authorized by law to annex that property that they own, through this procedure with the State Boundary Commission. And in reviewing all 1,735 pages, including the substantial matrix of information that was included as part of the findings of what the boundary commission did consider, on both sides, I find it met that standard as well. So the motion to stay, remand or reverse is denied,” Middleton said.

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