Meek Mill Garden Club September award winner

Sue Lowler, and Stephanie and Scott Outman have been awarded Meek Mill Garden Club’s beautification award for September.
Lowler and the Outmans own houses next door to one another on Florence Road in Constantine. Lowler and her husband, the late Clyde Lowler moved into their home in 1977. The Outmans have lived in their home for 15 years.
Lowler said she and the Outmans are “very close” and the Outmans do numerous things to help her with her yard, including mowing and shoveling snow.
Sue and Stephanie planted two unusual metal barrels on the line that separates their property in the spring.
“We used two metal rings made from part of a boiler tank from Scott’s mother’s farm. First we planted seeds, but one day I told Stephanie, ‘I’m tired of waiting for these to grow. Let’s just go buy something,’ so we went to Brad’s to purchase and plant several types of daisies,” Sue said.
Stephanie wishes to plant mums in the rings next.
The Outmans have a mixture of annuals and perennials, and landscape by planting a variety of flowers in whiskey barrels. Stephanie favors bellflowers and daisies, and has them planted everywhere. They have a lot of raspberry bushes with a rock border adjacent to the driveway, and have a raised bed with vegetables, which they have harvested.
Lowler has perennials in her yard, except for two barrels of annuals by her front walk, and daisies in one corner of the lot.
“Since I lost my husband a year ago, I’ve received many garden items honoring him. My husband loved this community; he worked had to make the yard look good,” she said.
“The Crawford family gave me a red maple tree. Karen Hummel gave me flowers planted in golf bags, and the Howes gave me a yard monument. It reads: ‘Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breaths away.’”
Both Lowler and the Outmans said they spend a lot of time working in their yards, especially in the spring and fall.
“Every other year we bring in two truckloads of black mulch in the spring,” Lowler said.
Angie Birdsall is a freelance writer who primarily covers Constantine.

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