Road Commission discusses funding for work on Constantine Road

CENTREVILLE — The St. Joseph County Road Commission Wednesday discussed funding for repairs on Constantine Road.
Road Commission member John Bippus said it costs around $260,000 to repair two and a half miles of the road.
“We told them (St. Joseph County commissioners) how much, the engineering aspect of it, how much it was going to cost months ago. It hasn’t changed. Their response and this is speaking for everyone, because the only response I’ve heard is from you (Commissioner Dennis Allen), which is $170,000, and that is a no. That answer is a no,” Bippus said.
“We put out a proposal, they said we would pay $170,000, it is not enough money, we are on deadline, the answer is no to do the project. It is two and a half miles, we needed $260,000 to do it, they come back and say we came up with $170,000, that means no.”
St. Joseph County Commissioner Dennis Allen said he agrees that the amount of money available will not fund the entire road but he said that it is a good start.
“Well, you’re talking about a whole project, we are talking about putting money to get done what is possibly available to get done,” Dennis Allen said. “
Chairman of the Road Commission Dave Allen said regardless, he would like to see some construction on Constantine Road done soon.
“We have to work it out with Don (Gloy, supervisor for White Pigeon Township), you don’t want to not do the whole thing in White Pigeon, you can start at the line and go north as far as you can, that money can go until we stop,” Dave Allen said.
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