Schoon steps in, steps up for Three Rivers Public Library

THREE RIVERS — The title of interim library director is nothing new for Bobbi Schoon.
Shortly after Schoon was hired as the assistant library director/adult and young adult librarian in October 2017, former Three Rivers Public Library Director Debra Greenacre announced she was leaving for another position. In a matter of days Schoon’s title and role changed dramatically. Schoon was interim director for her first four months on the job, and after Library Director Lynn Schofield-Dahl stepped down for personal reasons last month, Schoon finds herself in familiar territory.
While Schoon is no stranger to the job, she doesn’t currently have the master’s degree required to be considered for the full-time position, a position she says she has a “willingness” to pursue.
The 1999 Three Rivers High School graduate has a bachelor’s degree in business administration (Trine University) and a master’s in psychology (Capella University), and is considering pursuing her second master’s degree in library and information sciences.
“For our level of library we have to have a director with a MLIS — a master’s in library and information sciences — and there are other things like the director has to go to special trainings held once a year for the first two years, and another employee onsite has to be certified librarian, which Erin (Zabonick) and I both are, we both went to that training,” Schoon said.
“The only thing we’re lacking is I don’t have the right degree, (if I had the right degree) we would be golden. I don’t want to speak for the board but (at that point) I would meet the requirements for state aid.”
Library Board President Julie Keefer said the board would be happy to discuss options with Bobbi but would need to review the “legality of the timeframe” of an interim director before making any decisions regarding Schoon’s potential candidacy.

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