The Will to Get Fit and Healthy: One Man’s Story

There are New Year’s resolutions. And then there are life-changing commitments.
Some 18 months ago, then 45-year-old Donald Stoner of Athens tipped the scales at 280 pounds—more than 100 pounds overweight for his height. He was taking medications to control high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.
Today, he weighs 175 pounds and is off all medications. Watching his rigorous fitness routine at Three Rivers’ HealthTrac you would never guess a relatively short time ago he wore size 4XL shirts and his waist measured 44 inches.
“Probably the most expensive result of getting in shape was buying a new wardrobe,” Stoner says smiling after another workout. “I now wear medium shirts and took a foot off my waist. The best news—I’m alive and feel better than ever.”
Stoner’s journey to health and fitness began on July 5, 2017, when a ruptured eardrum sent him to the I-Med clinic in Three Rivers.
“After addressing that problem, my doctor said my weight and blood pressure were too high. He put me on medications and told me to lose weight.”
Stoner, a forklift operator at American Axle & Manufacturing, relates he asked his doctor if he should consult a nutritionist.
“He thought that was an excellent idea and referred me to one. By the time I saw the nutritionist, a month later, I had already lost 25 pounds. She asked me how I did that and I said by cutting out fast-food, soda pop and lowering my sodium. She was amazed.”
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