Fore The Good Of The Game 08/07/19

Three Rivers - The Michigan Amputee Golf Association (MAGA) held their annual golf tournament on July 26-28.
Pine View is the host of this event every year that fills the Hemlock and Spruce courses over the three days. Friday is the practice day. The Hemlock 18 holes begin the tournament with the scores posted as the first half of the event. On Sunday, the Spruce Course winds up the tournament, adding both scores together to determine the winners.
     There are first, second and third place winners in each of the 10 divisions. Registered participants are only reported by last names for the entire event so they have room on the scoring boards for all participants, except for the eventual, overall, individual winner.
    In the 9-hole division of single amputees, Boulter was 1st with a 51 on each course with a 102 total. Mareski was 2nd with 104 total. Franklin was 3rd with 113.
    In the 9-hole multiple amputee division, Jones was first with 84 and 94 with 178 total strokes. Dumar was second with 190. Slater placed third with his 199 total.
    In the 18-hole divisions, I start with the Disabled golfers. Dobreff finished low total with 79-87, 166. Runner up was Williams with 175. Holland was third with 183
    Winners in the Arm Division: Matthews, 1st with 175; Bowers, 2nd-176. Gentry was 3rd with 181.
    In the Junior Arm Division, McGuire won with 92-94 for 186.
    Other first place division winners were as follows: Ladies-Meeks with 129+126=255. Associate Division: Whittman with 103+98 for 201 total.
    In the Super Senior Arm Division, Jeremias placed first with a 202.    The Senior Leg Division (Championship flight) winner was Johnson with an 82, 83 for 165 total. Reimer tied Johnson, but was declared runner-up in a card match-back decision. Girvan was 4 strokes shy of the tie to take third place with 169 strokes.
    Senior Leg Division, First Flight winner, Garla, shot 97, 93 for 190. Second and third finishers were Bond, 206 and Yandall, 210.
    In the Open Division, Second Flight was won by Schulte (206); second was Dehnke (210); third was Pierson (215).
First Flight winners were Biagioli (172); Snyder (177); McReady (181).
In the Championship flight of the Open Division, Lawson finished third (155). Bontz was second (151). The big winner, and overall champion (See photo) was Evan Mathias with an amazing 71 on the Hemlock and a 76 on the Spruce for a low total overall, 147.
    Mathias started the second, and final, eighteen holes on the Spruce Course. He was one under par after his great 71 on the Hemlock course on Saturday. Sunday was what seemed a disastrous start for the double leg amputee. He double bogied both #1 (a par 4 hole) and #2 (a par 3 hole). He steadily improved his game to finish the last 16 holes in even par; thus, shooting a remarkable 76, and the championship score of 147.
    Mathias played in this outing when he was 13 years old and his eighteen hole scores were both 100+. Though he improved his scores in each following year, he took a few years hiatus to complete his masters degree. This year, he returned to the tournament and won the overall championship.  His persistence and ‘no quit’ attitude was indicative of all the amputee/disabled contestants in this outstanding event. All the amputee players were winners, don’t you think?
    This annual tournament is much more than for the good of the game. It’s for the good of the amputees. The biggest winners are all members of the MAGA, resulting from the funds raised for the association.
    If you need an idea to celebrate the game along with a celebration for a reunion, reception, a party, or Christmas, look for Pine view’s ad in the classified section of this paper.
    Before we leave the 36-hole track of Pine View and excitement of the game, let me leave you with an update on Mark’s Automotive Golf League.  Mark Roth told me it’s the smallest league in the mix. “But we sure have a good time!”
    Mark’s Automotive League enjoy four, 2-man teams. On Wednesday, July 24th, Paul Blank had low gross with a 38. Roy Menken won low net with a 33. Who do you think won long drive, again? Bob Reets! This time it was on Hemlock, Hole #17.    How do Blank and Menken win low gross and low net? Answer: They both hit 4 of the 9 greens in regulation; also, Blank won closest to the pin on #12. Of course, they also had to do some good putting.
    Before I report on the Wednesday Stag Day at Sauganash, the Scratch League, and the Elks League, let me bring you up to date on the Ryder Cup standings between Island Hills Golf Course, Klinger Lake Country Club and Sauganash Country Club. Over the course of the golf season, these three golf courses enjoy an annual competition, as follows: The three teams play three 18 hole matches; once in June; once in July; once in August. Each team has 12 players, made up from 3 flights of golf skills. The 12 players are matched up each month with players from each course in each group. The scoring is determined by using the best 9 scores of the 12 from each course’s team. The winner of this annual Ryder Cup challenge is determined by the lowest totals of all three events. The prize? It’s a pride thing.
    Thus far, the teams have met twice. After the first meeting in June, Island Hills and Sauganash were tied with 667 total. Klinger Lake was trailing by 9 strokes, at 676. Surprising that Klinger Lake was high total because the first matchup was played at their course.
    After the 18-hole matchup on July 27th at Sauganash, the Sauganash team took the lead by 15 points. The total of their best 9 scores in July was 638. Added to their 667, they accumulated 1305 strokes/points.
    Island Hills, after scoring a 9-man total of 653 in July, have a 1320 stroke/point total.
    Klinger Lake struggled over the shorter, narrower Sauganash holes, shooting the identical score they had at their own course, 676, bringing their total to 1352.
    The final, and deciding matchup, will be played at Island Hills on August 25th.
    The next report is on Sauganash’s Match Play Club Championship tournament. The field of golfers has been cut down to 8 matches as reported in the July 31st T.R. Commercial. Three matches that hadn’t been updated to the third round pairings wound up with Tom Pearson defeating Alan McEnroe 3 and 2 in their 2nd round match, to now pit Pearson against Trevor McEnroe. Other matches decided had Norbert Drust playing Jim Patmalmieks and Tom Brady playing Dave Barton. As those 8 matches move along, three of them have already been decided. Dan Ruggles defeated Kim Hubbard; Rick Daniels beat Al Miller. Dave Barton beat Tom Brady. Those three winners have all advanced to the quarter finals.
    Looking back to Wednesday, July 24th when Crystal Flash sponsored the Stag Day, all the special events were Long Drive contests. Matt Hillman enjoyed winning two of those prizes on the front nine with his blasts from the tee on Holes #3 and #7. Denny Goodpaster hit his drive out of sight on the back nine, #12. The fourth power hitter was Adam French on Hole #17.
    Now that Dave Bratt is back in the fold at Sauganash, we’re playing catch-up on skin results from the 24th. There were only two gross skins! A lot of people cancelled each other out. However, Matt Hillman got one on Hole #1; Dave Barton birdied Hole #6; that also gave him a net skin, 3.
    There were 7 other net skin winners. Jimmy Drake — #3; Kyle Bradford (Yes, folks, that’s KYLE, not Matt or Mark Bradford). Mark’s son, Kyle, is learning the game with a net skin on #7. Matt Kennedy won Hole #5. Chad Bojanich-#8; Dan Ruggles-#11; Doug Austin-#12; and Mark Daniels-#17.
    You’ll, perhaps, get July 31 results next week. When people sign their cards and sign up for the skin games, they need to be sure and write their full name in all the appropriate places. It takes days, if not a week, to track down who J, or D, or C is. Initials don’t mean anything. Same thing for writing your name on the event placards.
    On Wednesday, August 7, Chuck’s Body Shop will have their day at the links as they sponsor the events, etc.
    No problems in the scratch league on Mondays. In Week 14, there were 5 skin winners, without question. Matt Hillman is secretary of the league and his report indicates John Heskett (You’ve heard his name before in the skin winners’ circle) scored an Eagle 2 on Hole #10. Matt Hillman, himself, birdied #17. His partner, Kim Hubbard, birdied #18. Then, of all things, Hillman and Hubbard won a skin for their Best Ball score of 34, PLUS, Hillman won the low, individual round for the night with an even par 36.
    On July 30th, Shane Swinehart continued his winning ways in the Elks League with the closest shot to the 100 yard marker on #10. On #18, the closest second shot to win a prize was hit by Darren King!
    Watch for, or sign up for, the next member scramble, the Immaculate Conception School Golf Outing September 27th (Call Steve Masnari 269-217-0797 for details), The One Man, Two-ball Scramble, and the Medal Play Club Championship.
    Don’t forget the Sauganash Fish Fry every Friday as advertised.
    Thhhhhat’s all, folks, FORE this week, FORE! the Good of the game.

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