The art of the deal is no deal To the editor:

To the editor:
I’m always amazed when the peasant class, aka the poor and the newly poor, aka the middle class, are willing to take a few pennies and allow the rich to walk away with millions!
When did we learn to value ourselves and our contributions so little? We only have one life to work! What is the value of your life if you accept so little in exchange for its work?
Consider that many people acquire some form of disability between age 50-60 and you have a formula for destitution in your old age! Now with proposed cuts in healthcare, Medicare, and Medicaid, people are even more at risk. Who put these people in charge, made them God, gave them all the gravy?
In a way we did. Instead of electing the people who actually vote in the policies that benefit us, we repeatedly vote for the people that say they will help us, but allow special interests and moneyed lobbies to rob our treasury blind. I mean really, $300 million going to a company in Montana with a staff of two is going to repair Puerto Rico’s power grid?
I’ve been through that town many times and it has nothing going on but hunting and fishing, Zilke just threw a big bone to his hometown on that deal! The art of the deal is like the worst deal ever for the ricans! We really need to vote every GOP out because they have done nothing to stop Trump. They are slipstreaming in his wake! We need to hold them all accountable beginning in 2018!
Jill Meuninck

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