Shining light on this ‘horrific, deadly practice’

To the editor:
The gathering of nearly 200 for the Oct. 23 Right to Life Annual Banquet at Sturges-Young Auditorium gets A++ for their singing of our National Anthem. If it didn’t raise the roof, it had to have shook the rafters.
Supporters of life from conception to natural end sat on the edge of their seats as Genevieve Marnon, public affairs associate at Right to Life of Michigan’s Lansing Office, revealed the growing trend of hastening death and acceptance of physician assisted suicide in this country. Elections across America this year have revealed a reversal in the trend, according to Rita L. Marker of the Patients Rights Council in Steubenville, Ohio. Marker warns that proposals are still pending and more will come.
In another new development, Marker reports that the ANA (American Nurses Association) has adopted a position that supports VSED (voluntarily stopping eating and drinking) by any person who has decided that they want to die! This could also become an option to residents of assisted living facilities and those considered frail or disabled.
Why worry if this is beyond your philosophy or wishes? A growing trend toward false orders, advanced directives here in Michigan, and medicating patients to death is emerging from a long cover. Personally, I have learned that vulnerable family members should never be left alone.
Patients of any age should be aware of a needed DPAHC (Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare). Appointing a representative to speak should the patient be unable to advocate for herself given the present trends, is recommended. Marnon commented on the need for the DPAHC for adult unmarried children because of the strict privacy rules now in place.
Was the “audience” at this affair impressed by the urgency dictated by Marnon’s message? ALL of the information brought by the speaker from Lansing disappeared with the attendees.
As one who owns verifying records of three family members who suffered “hastened death” over the past 21 years, I celebrate the light on this horrific, deadly practice. Support life from conception to its natural end. Choose life.
Rebecca Shank

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