‘How many of you plan to be successful?’

Motivational speaker visits Park Elementary

THREE RIVERS — All the way from downtown Detroit … it’s Jonathan Edison!
The motivational speaker made his grand entrance into Park Elementary’s gym on Thursday, Feb. 16, then captured their attention for an hour as he talked about how to be successful.
When Edison was five years old, his mother had challenges with drugs and alcohol. His teacher informed the Department of Health and Human Services, and they removed his mother from his home.
His father fell in love with the lady next door and moved to the other part of town.
So his grandmother raised him.
“She taught me fundamental things about life,” he said, sharing some of her tips.
•Say ‘yes ma’am’ and ‘no ma’am — it’s a sign of respect.
•Treat people nice.
•Don’t walk around with an ugly face — smile.
•Always do my homework, pay attention to teachers, show up on time, go above and beyond, do my best.
“If you do your very best today and come up a little short, it’s OK because you can come back tomorrow and do your very best,” he said.
•People are amazing.
“How many of you plan to be successful?” he asked, getting a show of hands from the whole room.
He first began thinking about his career when a weatherman came to his school. He remembers going outside to watch the speaker land in a helicopter. He asked Edison and his schoolmates, “what do you want to be?” and said he used to look up in the sky and love clouds, rain and tornadoes.
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