Norton fourth graders learn about art and music at Carnegie

Take part in Fourth Grade Day of Artistic Awareness

THREE RIVERS — Norton Elementary fourth-grade teacher Stephanie Wren and her class participated in the Fourth Grade Day of Artistic Awareness at the Carnegie Center for the Arts (CCA) on Monday, May 22.
“You can tell when you split (the class) up (into groups), how hands-on the activities are. I call it an art sampler because they get to stick their hands into everything,” CCA Director Donna Grubbs said.
The day was split into morning activities; music appreciation and performing arts, which included a medieval play, and afternoon activities, which included making two- and three-dimensional art like wired sculptures.
“It’s a good long day for them to participate in events and activities they don’t normally do in class,” Wren said. “They have fun and are extremely engaged.”
CCA Teacher Mrs. Ruth Corrie taught students the basics of playing the piano, and a history lesson on music from other countries.
“Look at the strings on the piano. Are they all thick? Are they all thin? Are they all long?” Corrie asked the class.
Fourth grader Ashlee Hosteler said she tried the piano before and enjoyed it.
“I found it very relaxing and fun,” Hosteler told Corrie during the lesson.
Grubbs said the Fourth Grade Day of Artistic Awareness has been an annual event at the Carnegie Center for 25-plus years. The event will continue until Friday, June 2.
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