A response to last Thursday’s article

To the editor and publisher:
Concerning your Thursday From the Desk of… I shudder to think that your resource for finding information is Google. While Goggle is a large repository of data, more than half of the information is incorrect, bloated, or used for other, sometimes nefarious, means. A journalist should know better.
The game of what if is never productive unless someone likes raising issues that may never happen but alarms the public anyway. Guessing at what Light Oil is, or even making fun of it again questions the real intent of the article. According to the American Petroleum Institute, Light Oil is a form of crude oil that has the highest specific gravity, floats on water, stays liquid at room temperature, and has a low density. It is mainly used due to high hydrocarbons content, to make gasoline and diesel. That only took ten minutes at the library. (Institute and Station.)
Your reference to climbing the Mighty Mac and jumping off is inappropriate to say the least. Since there were probably more than 12 people who have chosen this as their only option, your humorless reference of jumping yourself because there is a pipeline in the lake lessens the tragedy of those people and their families.
I applaud the reference on Enbridge to provide a solution that would benefit the lakes and Michigan.
Unfortunately, politicians sometime in their eagerness to be liked, make or change a critical decision in the wrong direction. Handing someone a free gift and then refusing the free gift is very short sighted. It seems that Gov. Whitmer and AG Dana Nessel would rather have the pipes burst and poison our lakes and land than getting it fixed for free. Maybe it’s a ploy for an environmental disaster to happen so they can look better to the people by stating “See I told you so, so let’s sue for billions of dollars.”

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