Upton ‘has disgraced himself’

Letter to the editor:
By attempting to viciously and deceptively smear the credibility of his opponent Matt Longjohn’s MD degree and extensive career in healthcare, Congressman Fred Upton, of Michigan’s 6th District, has disgraced himself.
Upton is running hideous, in-the-gutter, dark money ads that portray Matt Longjohn as a dishonest candidate with false medical credentials and no experience; none of which is true. What is true is that on May 2, 2017 Fred Upton promised to protect healthcare for people with pre-existing conditions. Just two days later, on May 4, 2017, Upton broke that promise when he, along with the GOP backed house, voted YES to gut those protections.
Matt Longjohn is running for Congress in Michigan’s 6th District to improve the healthcare and quality of life for everyone in Southwest Michigan. He was formerly a YMCA national health director but gave up that position in order to hold Upton “accountable” for his support of the Republican backed American Health Care Act, which would have increased costs for people with pre-existing conditions.
So while Fred Upton is ruthlessly working to de-legitimize Matt Longjohn’s healthcare credentials and career, he and the GOP led Congress are quietly plotting to steal away our healthcare. These actions are not a display of honor, integrity and strength. Instead they are a display of cowardice, weakness, fear — and even contempt; and that is ultimately disgraceful and imminently dangerous for all Americans.

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