To the editor:

Many of our footprints will remain in the hallways of Sturgis Hospital. The many years the employees dedicated their lives to work there. I for one worked during the “golden years” when you were recognized for works and deeds that you did especially if it was above average performance. I received many nice gifts after serving 5-10-15-20 years. More appreciation I feel was shown to the employees at that time. I remember the many parties that we had initiated by administration at that time.
It was no surprise to see the Director of Nurses or Administrator show up at 6 a.m. to see how things were going during the night, and even talk with the patients. It was nice to receive a pat on the back. Like I said, those were the “golden years.”
I feel for the community, as have been asked, “where shall we go for health care?” Many are elderly and were established with their family physicians in Sturgis. They do not want to travel elsewhere, as it could be a hardship for them. I certainly do not want to go to Sturgis ER in an emergency situation and have to be shipped when I could have been admitted there if the department was open. I definitely am worried about the OB patients.
I do not understand the hospital board not acting on the financial problems way back when things started to be mismanaged and got into a dyer problem before anyone heard about it.
Bottom line: Poor, poor management all around. So very sad to have a nice facility sitting there and not being used. This was definitely an emotional farewell to dedicated employees. My nurses were especially special to me as well as the other employees.
My years at Sturgis Hospital were the “Golden Years” A change in times.

Juanita Oldfield-Heed RN
White Pigeon, Mich. —Naples, Flor.

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