Constantine recreational marijuana ordinance upheld in landslide vote

Sales to continue in village

CONSTANTINE — An ordinance to allow sales of recreational marijuana in the Village of Constantine survived Tuesday, May 4 in a landslide vote.

Constantine village residents overwhelmingly voted “No” on an amendment to the village’s ordinance regarding recreational marijuana sales, which are currently allowed in the village. The amendment presented would have prohibited those type of sales in the village.

A total of 396 people (84 percent) voted “No” to defeat the ordinance amendment, while 74 people (16 percent) voted “Yes” to place the ordinance amendment in.

The result means that recreational marijuana sales in the village will continue as it has been since the ordinance was passed in 2020.

Marijuana establishments in Constantine, such as the Constantine Wellness Center, praised the overwhelming result of the vote, as well as the support and overall effort to defeat the ordinance amendment they received.

“We are very pleased with the support and the turnout from this community. We feel like they have backed us up 100 percent and came out in force today to voice their opinion,” David Helman of the Constantine Wellness Center said. “Our opposition was looking to give a voice to the people, and I think the people have spoken.”

On the opposing side, Mark Brown, one of the leaders of the Citizens Committee to Repeal the Recreational Marijuana Ordinance, said he was “disappointed” by the vote.

“I guess the people have spoken, and that’s what they want,” Brown said.

Constantine Village Manager Mark Honeysett said he “wasn’t surprised” by the result of the referendum, but was surprised at the voting margin.

“Originally, like we talked about before with the vote in 2018, it was 50-40 in the village, and now it’s a little better than five-to-one,” Honeysett said. “I guess if people wanted the community to decide, the community did.”

Honeysett added he was also “relieved” to have the issue resolved in the village.

471 ballots were cast in the vote out of 1,648 registered voters in the Constantine village limits, for a total turnout of 28.58 percent, according to

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