Centreville schools looking into options for HVAC system upgrades

CENTREVILLE — Centreville’s Board of Education will be looking into how they will proceed with potentially placing HVAC systems in their school buildings.

During their meeting Monday, Centreville Public Schools Superintendent Chad Brady gave an update on putting in the HVAC systems, saying in an interview Thursday that administration is looking to make determinations on “what makes best sense” for the district in regards to those and “still be in a good financial position.”

“I think we’ll have a decision and be able to move forward with that as soon as, potentially, the next board meeting, depending on what information we get back from TowerPinkster and Triangle,” Brady said.

Upgrading the HVAC systems, Brady said, has been on the district’s radar for a while, with the current plan to do so involving using Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds to pay for it.

Brady said one building, the elementary building, is “in a better mechanical position” to get HVAC, while the junior/senior high school building has “more work to do” to get to that position. In turn, he said, the current situation presents “financial decision making” on how to go about spending the $670,000 in available ESSER money to make the upgrades.

Three options are currently on the table for the district: Potentially finalizing the elementary in its entirety, finalizing the elementary and preparing the high school for a project at a later date, or doing both in their entirety at the same time.

“Those are some of the information things we’re collecting so we can make a better decision,” Brady said. “I think the district is being smart, particularly the board, in making sure to weigh all of their options and the financial resources we have available to get these projects done.”

Brady said there isn’t a concrete number on how much the projects would cost yet, saying they’re still getting information from Triangle and Associates, the architectural firm they’re using, on some of those costs. He said with the market the way it is, costs can fluctuate, and hope to have more concrete answers in the next couple weeks.

“We’re still in the phase of getting more information by, mechanically, what things cost, and then what pockets of money we can use to pay for those costs,” Brady said.

The board’s next meeting will be Monday, Sept. 12 at 6:30 p.m. at the high school’s library.

In other business…

  • Brady gave an update to board members on the progress of the strategic plan, saying there were a few “slight changes” made because of staff feedback, including some wording changes. Overall, Brady said the goal of the plan was to be a “living, breathing document” that can “move the district forward.”
  • The board approved the use of a combination of available ESSER funds, bond funds and general fund dollars for a number of items. A total of $132,681.68 was used for safety and security equipment, such as video surveillance, shelter shutters, ALICE training and vape detectors at the junior/senior high school. Another $46,537.40 was used for athletic-related expenses, including stadium connectivity, two new volleyball net systems and track restriping.
  • The board approved lunch prices for the 2022-23 school year. Full-price lunch for the elementary school will be $2.65, while full-price junior/senior high school lunch is $2.95. Reduced-price lunches in both buildings will be 40 cents each, and all milk is 50 cents. Breakfast will be free for all students.
  • The board approved the hiring of three new staff members: Betsy Breitenbach as a kindergarten teacher, Lynne Weaver as a music instructor for the elementary school, and Kayla Herman as the new jail program teacher.

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